Here are some cool games I created that you can download and try out.  Have fun! 

  • Do you get angry and feel like punching someone?  Here’s your chance to get our all your anger and frustration without all the petty negative consequences like people hitting you back or bringing lawsuits against you.

Punch-Bob Game (click to download the Windows only version)

  • Ever feel like going to the carnival to throw pies at clowns, but don’t have the money? Now’s your chance! You can throw as many pies as you want at a guy you don’t even know!

 Hit some guy in the face with a pie! (click to download Windows only version)

4 Responses to Games

  1. Wow! What a game! I love it!

  2. Sam says:

    you should put the gamemaker game we made up here robert

  3. Sam says:

    it works on mac…

  4. Bibble teh Snibble says:

    These games are the best!

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