Just a little update…

Hey, gang, just giving you an update on what I’m doing and why I have not been doing comics, recently.

1. I have been working on a superhero comic book for the past few months and it has taken time away from doing Pookie.

2. I am also working on another website so I can take some stuff off of this one that doesn’t need to be on here (Such as the games, and some of the animations).

3. I have been getting a lot of spam comments recently and I don’t appreciate them at all. I hate it when people try to advertise on my website. So, please, don’t leave spam comments, leave comments that actually have something to do with my comics.

I will try to get back to Pookie as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this!

Robert & Pookie >^..^<

About Robert

My name is Robert. I enjoy drawing, doing comics, asking questions, swimming, making stupid jokes, and being with friends and family.
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